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“The” specialist for the protection of closed water circuits

P R O T E C T O R & C L E A N E R    

Are protecting the cooling system against :   

     - lime & scale deposits
     - aluminiumcorrosion
     - magnetite & rust
     - cavitation
     - gaskets & hoses
     - leaks
Lime & scale deposits are lowering the efficiency of the engine very fast !
By using ALENTRA PROTECTOR it keeps its  best output.
Trucks & Cars
Clean every old car or truck once  with ALENTRA CLEANER or when changing radiator.
(1 litre alentra for 60 litres cooling liquid, max)
CLEANER  How it Works;
Alentra Cleaner cleans the engine toroughly !!
It is not aggressive and biologically tested
ALENTRA CLEANER  removes lime and  scale, rest of corrosion, magnetite, aluminium-hydroxyde and oil.
When using once the Cleaner the working of the Protector will be optimal !!
PROTECTOR  How it works.
Cars & Trucks
The protector lays a protective film on the innerside of the engine.
On that film no deposits are possible and the engine will have an optimal circulation and optimal heat transfer.
 It is also against cavitation, greases the waterpump, keeps the hoses and gaskets longer supple and stops small leaks.
It is a complete protection of your cooling system!!!
   - prevents deposits of lime & scale
   - prevents corrosion & cavitation
   - prevents small leakages
   - looks for a good circulation & maximum heat transfer
   - protects & lubricates the waterpump
   - lowers the maintenance cost